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El Mostafa Higazy

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El Mostafa Higazy

El Mostafa Higazy is an Egyptian humanist, strategic thinker and Institutional Sustainable Development guru.

His magnum opus, Termini Context Thinking (TCT)(2002), is  considered a founding school of moral and socio-political/socio-economic philosophy of the Wisdom Age of Humanity, which is yet to emerge. His work on philosophy, dubbed Humanistic Terminalism [Higazianism], postulates that the reality of an existance is in fulfillment of its ‘raison d’etre’ or else it’s unreal. Principles of  Happiness, Freedom and Justice are related in the same fashion to TCT. Higazy employs a number of thought experiments – including the ‘decoy’ aka ‘the veil of faking’ in order to determine from an impartial standpoint the reality of principles of Freedom and Social Justice. He is one of the contemporary  thinkers in the tradition of ‘MAQSID’ in Abrahamic/ Islamic Philosophy and Humanistic Liberalism in Applied Political Philosophy.



From Engineering to Humanistic Philosophy through Strategic Thinking

Higazy belongs to a school of renaissance philosophers of encyclopedic nature. Their philosophies usually stem from their study of fundamental sciences and further complement it. Higazy originates from the same provenance of Plato, Hypatia of Greek philosophy, Ibn Rushd ‘Averreos’, Ibn Khuldoon & Ibn Taymiyyah of Abrahamic/ Islamic philosophy and finally Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, Mahatma Ghandi, Vilfredo Pareto, John Rawls and most recently Amartya Sen of Western Philosophy. Higazy is more in the field of ‘Applied Philosophy’.



After earning his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, Higazy held Academic Professorship positions in University of Southern California, USA and Ain Shams University, Egypt.
Higazy founded NASAQ Foundation for Strategic & Humanistic Thinking. NASAQ was first established as an advocacy Think-Tank, with the name SQUARE Institute for Strategic Thinking. Since its establishment, NASAQ has been dedicated to spearheading the emergence of the Wisdom Age Paradigm. NASAQ's focus is Humanizing Sustainable Development through fostering Humanism. This is best materialized in models of de-industrializing the paradigm governing societal institutions. NASAQ is accounted for as the 21st Century equivalent manifestation of Historical philosophy provenances like Plato Academia and Ibn Rushd (Averroes) Andalusian Schools.
Higazy founded ACME Corp as the socio-economic arm of practice through which sustainable developmental models, which are pillared upon NASAQ Philosophical and Strategic models, are enlivened. ACME Corp is a Strategic Institutional Development and Investment Management Corporation. The ‘ACME Approach’ is the practical methodology in use. The ACME Corp is a holding entity for several strategic business units, among them are prominent ACME Advisors and ACME Investments.

Contribution to Socio-political, Socio-economic & Moral Philosophy

Higazy is noted for his contribution to humanistic moral, socio-economic & socio-political philosophy. Prominent ideas from Higazy’s work are:
  • Termini Reality
  • Eligibility Based Justice
  • Commingling Balance of Societies
  • A theory of Humanism / Departure from Industrialism/ Humanistic Liberalism
  • Wisdom Age Paradigm ‘The ACME Paradigm’
  • The ACME Strategy/ The V.A.N. Balance Approach
His work has focused on departure from industrialism and is founding thought for the Wisdom Age “Conceptual Age” yet to emerge.
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El Mostafa M. Higazy

Born in
Cairo, Egypt
Humanism, Socio-politics, Socio-economics
Ibn Rushd, John Rawls, Amartya Sen    
21st Century Philosophy
Applied Philosophy
Abrahamic/Islamic Philosophy
Main Interests
Humanism, Happiness, Justice, Humanistic Liberalism
Notable Ideas
Termini Context Thinking
Wisdom Age Paradigm
Eligibility Based Justice
Commingling Balance
The ACME Paradigm
Alma mater
University of Southern California
Ain Shams University
NASAQ Foundation for Strategic & Humanistic Thinking
Academician, Socioeconomic Strategist, Governance Expert, Institutional Strategic Development Expert, Investment Strategist & Management Expert