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    NASAQ is beyond a Think Tank.  It is a humanistic thinking Foundation and a Sustainable Development Platform. It is dedicated to developing, fostering and advocating Human Development Ideas; spearheading and reinstating the Wisdom Age; and fostering and implementing Humanism domestically, regionally and globally.

    NASAQ Foundation was first established in Egypt in 1996 as an Advocacy Think Tank that aims to re-humanize individual and societal Thinking and Achievement; which are the two supra human institutions that got industrialized by being derailed from Supra Human Values of Justice, Liberty and Dignity.  

    The core mission of NASAQ Foundation, also known as The WHY Foundation (Wisdom Humanistic Yield), is to reach out and develop intellectual Entrepreneurs.  Also to create, foster and support socio-political and socio-economic intrapreneurs. It  constitutes the ‘intellectual architect’ of think tanks that cater for political, economic, legal, environmental and management studies. It further provides their fostering network.

    NASAQ is inspired by human legacies of philosophy like Plato’s Academia (of Greece) along with Ibn Rushd Andalusian School. It counts equivalent to ‘philosophy groups’ throughout history, and strives to set a new par in developing Humanistic and Strategic Thinking. NASAQ Foundation weaves the links between Philosophy, Holistic/ Strategic Thinking and Structured Execution (Linear Planning) in one comprehensive model. It is within NASAQ units, or what we call ‘Planets’ Philosophia, Strategia and Achievia, that those links are woven, in aim of establishing and enlivening the new ‘Wisdom Age’ Paradigm for Humanity.  

    In addition to the role of an Academia (Provenance of Philosophical Arguments) for Moral, sociopolitical and socioeconomic philosophy; NASAQ caters for the applied edge of its philosophical arguments through Strategic developmental practices.

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    Reason of Being

    NASAQ’s reason-of-being is to spearhead the establishment of  a new paradigm for humanity in the ‘Wisdom Age (era)’, which is yet to emerge. Our mission is to lead in setting this new paradigm for humanity, in order to fulfill NASAQ’s vision of “Just, free and Happiness-pursuing human societies” in the post-industrial and post-knowledge era.

    NASAQ and its founder tend to provide an institutional and individual contribution to the emergence of a new humanistic paradigm that is in light of the historical efforts of Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jack Rousseau, John Stewart Mill, John Rawls and others who have helped set the Industrial Age Paradigm; and founded on the philosophical endeavors of Ibn Rushd and peers of the Abrahamic philosophy.

    NASAQ emerged as a corporate affiliated think tank to ACME Corp; A Strategic Advisory and Investment Management Firm.  The Guiding School of Thought developed at NASAQ along with theories and methodologies in Strategic Thinking, constitute the foundation of the modus operandi for ACME Corp’s Advisory and Investment Management modules.

    To read more about ACME Corp click here

    Dr. El Mostafa Higazy; the founder of NASAQ could be best described as one of those people that stand at the intersection of humanities and sciences. This lends the foundation its unique nature and is believed to make it earn a leading position in defining the new era paradigm. 

    To read more about Dr.Higazy visit the Founder Page.

    It has been once said by Walter Isaacson, the CEO of the ASPEN Institute and the ex-Chairman of CNN that ‘The creativity that can occur when a feel for both the humanities and the sciences combine is considered the key to creating innovative economies in the twenty first century’.  NASAQ is proven to have that feel for humanities and science in a unique institutional combination.

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    Governance Model

    NASAQ is currently run by the founder and the president of NASAQ, Dr. El Mostafa Higazy, who established the “Termini Context Thinking” school of thought, and the Board of Trustees along with the executive committees of initiatives, centers and institutes. 

    NASAQ Governance Platforms